This is me

After a career as a journalist on newspapers and in broadcasting, I took early retirement, since when I’ve been able to concentrate on my first love : writing fiction. I’ve also been running classes, workshops and retreats, until the pandemic last year brought a halt to all that.

My own fiction writing has taken a bit of a back seat in recent months but I’m hoping to get going again soon, completing the sequel to my novel about frankincense traders in the first century in Arabia.


This picture is of me taken at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sumhuram in Oman, where my first book is set. This is the city from where frankincense, harvested in the nearby mountains two thousand years ago, was  sent either across the desert or by sea to Petra and from there to the Roman empire and beyond. My book Pathway to the Gods was shortlisted in the 2018 Wilbur Smith competition. 

Once the sequel is finished, I might leave the ancient world behind to write a novel set in the 1300s in England. I have the characters in mind, and a title, and I’ve already visited some castles that will appear in the story. Now I just have to get down to it!

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