April 1stCanal Scarecrow 2

Just one prompt to get you writing this month! (There are exercises to do in the Workshop).

I’m very fortunate in living near a canal and on a recent walk in the lovely, warm spring weather, I came across this wonderful character! He/She has been on my mind ever since and I thought you might like to have a go: (1) at giving this delightful character a suitable name and (2) coming up with a story outline, in exactly 100 words.

If you’d like to share your ideas, please do send them in.

March 1st

I’ve culled these again from magazine article headlines and advertisements. You can use them as you want: as the title of a short story, just as a prompt to get you thinking, or incorporate one or more in a story.

Keep going; From the sofa; To the moon and back ; Uncertain times; A fresh start; Keep in touch; The perfect gift; The memory book; Reaching out; Everyday hero; Reaching new heights;  The end is in sight; Braving the waves; Not for sale; A paper trail; Homemade happiness; Escape route; Join the club

January 2021

Ever been stuck for a story title or a story prompt?

Does your supermarket have giveaway magazines? They’re usually advertising their own products, or there may be a travel magazine or, as in my local, a bikers’ magazine! I usually pick up the store’s own magazine, flick through it, cut out a few pictures for my writing collection and one or two recipes, and then bin it. But here’s an idea: go through the magazine looking at the headlines – to articles and in the adverts. Make a note of the ones that could prompt a story or two.

Examples from the last two magazines from my local supermarket, any of which could prompt a story:

No Short Cuts; Let Nothing Stand in Your Way; Turning the Tide; The White Stuff; Going for Broke; The Best of Both Worlds; Body of Evidence; The New You; Messages in the Sand; A Leap of Faith; Racing the Tide; Special delivery

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