March Blog

In recent blogs, I’ve been encouraging you to experiment with your writing this year: try different genres, set yourself 52 weekly resolutions, have a go at something you’ve never done before, go to new places, have new experiences.

Well, I’ve taken my own words to heart – and I’m moving house! It’s all happened very quickly, just 12 days between seeing my new home for the first time and selling my current one.

So, you can imagine I’ve been a little busy of late. You probably realise, from my blogs over the years, that I like LISTS. Oh, yes! I now have lists of every shape and form absolutely everywhere.

I want to be a writer when I grow up!

I’m determined to have a really good clear-out before I go. That means opening cupboards, finding boxes I never knew existed, opening them and discovering photo albums galore. Then I sit down and, a couple of hours later, I’m knee-deep in black-and-white photos that I cannot possibly throw away!

And as for books! Writers HATE getting rid of books, so I’m having to be extra firm with myself. Fortunately, my local Tesco has a book table that has received a fair few recently, local charity shops too. But it is hard deciding!

I’m fortunate in that my new home has an ideal space for my work desk. It looks out onto a lovely green lawn (that I don’t have to feel guilty about not mowing). When everything settles down, I’m hoping my writing mojo will have moved with me and I can once again get back into a routine.

So, later this month, I shall be posting an article on Foreshadowing that isn’t quite finished at the moment – I think you’ll understand 😊

I hope your writing is going well, your New Year Writing Resolutions too!

I’ll be posting soon.

Best wishes


ps Apologies if you received a rogue post last month. I was trying to create a new page and hadn’t quite got it right.

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