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Last month, one of my writing prompts was The End is in Sight. And I hope that we may be getting back to something like our “normal” lives in the next few months. Spring is definitely on the way, which helps. I enjoyed a lovely walk along the local canal recently and I came across an intriguing bystander: you’ll find the picture on the Prompts page – there are stories there, I know!

I received three stories this week in response to my Time workshop last month. If you’d like to comment on any of them, please do send me an email.

This month’s Workshop looks at an advanced writing technique known as Deep Point of View. You have to really get to know your main character and then make sure your reader gets close to them too. Click here for the Workshop.

My book A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction has been on sale for a few weeks now and I’ve received some good feedback. But I’m just as happy to hear if you feel I’m missing anything, or you just don’t agree with me! Discussion is always good!
A writing friend suggested that a ring-bound copy would be useful as she likes to have it open on her desk while she’s writing – and it’s easier to keep a ring-bound book open. So true! Details here.

At the beginning of the year, I said I’d try three Workshops and then have a break. So next month, there’ll be a blog and prompts and more if I have the time. I really would like to hear from you so please drop me an email

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  1. Many thanks for update on the coil bound version of your book, a brilliant idea to be able to keep it out on the desk when working. I have just ordered a copy, as your latest blog really highlighted something I personally struggle with when writing a flashback.


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