A bit of a break

Linda’s blog September 28th 2020

I hope I have been able to offer you some motivation to keep writing over these past few months of worry, uncertainty and lockdowns. I decided to write a weekly blog back in April and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with something every week. But, because of family circumstances, I’m now going to take a break. I hope I’ll be back in a while.

One of the projects I’ve been working on is a non-fiction book, bringing together many of the handouts I’ve offered my classes over the past twenty years, plus some of the blogs from this website. AND I’ve somehow managed to conjure up 365 writing prompts for next year! As soon as the book is published, I’ll let you know on this website. I’m hoping it will be in time for Christmas and the New Year.

So, that’s it for now. Please do get in touch with any comments about my blogs over the past months and any ideas for the future. I wish you enjoyment and success with your writing.

Best wishes


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