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Linda’s Blog June 1st

After a few life glitches at home, I hope I’m back to a regular Monday morning blog post.

I’ve heard from quite a few writers in recent weeks who have felt disappointed, upset and even guilty that they haven’t been able to get down to writing during the lockdown.

“I thought it would be easy,” said one. “I can’t go out, I can’t see anyone, I’ve done all the jobs around the house, but I just can’t get writing! It’s so frustrating!”

I can certainly sympathise, and I don’t think that particular writer is on her own. What do they say about getting a job done? Give it to a busy person! They are the ones who are organised enough to squeeze in whatever needs doing! However, when we have so much more time on our hands, there isn’t always the impetus to write. One of my writing groups meets monthly and there is always one person (sometimes two) who write their homework at 5 o’clock, two hours before the next meeting. If that’s how they do it, and I love what they write, then that’s fine.

But for many writers, a regular writing habit is highly recommended. You don’t, of course, have to create an award-winning short story every time you sit down at the computer. When you get that idea, that’s great. But until then, just keep practising. That’s what writing prompts are for. Whether you write for five minutes, ten minutes, half a page, 500 words – whatever. That’s establishing a writing routine. So, when the great idea does strike, you are ready to run with it.

Another of my fellow writers makes a list every six weeks of what competitions she’s going to enter or what magazines she’s going to write for. I have to say she is a very prolific writer and, as such, has had a fantastic few years of winning prizes, getting short-listed, performing and being performed. Her output and her energy leave me breathless. She’s a success because she writes regularly, listens to feedback and is willing to edit, edit and edit.

New ideas

I myself decided to do a weekly blog during lockdown as I knew it would MAKE  me write each week and keep me coming up with ideas. So that when lockdown is eventually eased and we can meet in person again, I’ll be in the swing. And by writing this blog, I’ve come up with ideas for my other writing projects and even some new ones.

So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve not started the next block-buster novel yet. Take it slowly – try some of the prompt ideas on this website, or you can just Google writing prompts and you’ll have hundreds at your fingertips. Many a good story has come out of a writing prompt. You really have nothing to lose, just a really great writing habit to gain.

This week there’s also an article on Make Your Readers Care. Click here.

And for the writing prompts, click here.

Happy Writing.


2 thoughts on “A Writing Habit

  1. Thank you for your comments, Jackie. I think the lockdown has brought home to us all what we used to do that perhaps we don’t need to, quite so much. And, for me, it has brought home who and what is important to us.


  2. Great advice! Thanks for the helpful click on links. So easy and quick to use. I had a couple of difficult weeks at the beginning of lockdown because I was honestly so concerned, but like everything, the longer it goes on the more it becomes the new normal. Now I don’t miss the horrendous amount of time spent in my car and have been able to actually finish most of the writing projects. The on-line writing meet ups have been a huge help too, giving me motivation and important feedback.


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