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April 27th

Stephen King’s assertion that Writing is a lonely job is probably something that many of us have experienced. We may meet up in groups, go to classes, courses, retreats and festivals. But when it comes to sitting down and actually writing, we’re on our own. And it can be hard.

I believe one of the most important elements of a writer’s life is to have a


This is someone who:

  • knows what it is like to be a writer – the trials and tribulations, the highs and the lows;
  • is always positive about your writing. They will offer honest critical feedback, always in a constructive way.
  • is sympathetic when your writing is not going well;
  • is supportive when you need encouragement;
  • is great to celebrate success with;
  • is a help with technical matters, like line spacing, margins, setting up Zoom;
  • knows not to yatter on when you say you’re in the middle of writing;
  • knows that, occasionally, you need to talk through non-writing matters;
  • shares news of competitions, agents, publishers, courses etc;
  • genuinely wants you to succeed.

You don’t have to stick to a single WRITING BUDDY. You are perfectly entitled to have more than one! I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had many writing friends, some for more than twenty years. They offer me different perspectives, different styles, different conversations and a whole lot of encouragement. To all of them, and you know who you are, a huge THANK YOU.

If you have anything you’d like to add to the list above, please do get in touch.

*                            *                                  *

I’d like your help with another writing matter this week. I’m currently putting together a book of my writing class handouts and I’d like to include 365 writing prompts! I’m getting there. But I’d love to know what other writers find the most useful as prompts.

One of my favourites is to write for five minutes on any subject whatever, but without using the letter “e”. It makes me really consider every single word and after five minutes, I’m ready to get back to my “real” writing!

So, please, do send me your favourite prompts. I promise you’ll be acknowledged when the book is published.

Have a good writing week.
best wishes


3 thoughts on “Linda’s Blog

  1. Sometimes I sit in a cafe window and watch the people passing. I try to think what they do for a living and their relationships and lifestyle and history. This sometimes gives me charcacters for a story.


  2. Totally agree about writing friends! Some turn into valued friends and last a lifetime as you say. I have to have a ‘reason’ to write and a deadline which is why I like competitions and writing groups. They provide many of the prompts I need to start! Apart from those, radio chat shows and overheard conversations in cafes (sadly non-existent now) I thought of using the first line in the first Facebook post I read that day. At the moment it could be just about anything! Keep writing Linda and I look forward to making a space for your new book on my bookshelf soon.


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