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April 20th

I’ve been really impressed this week with what writers I know have been doing during this lock-down. One has been setting herself a target of two or three submissions a month, such as competitions, and so far is sticking to it. Another has been getting on with chapters of a novel. A third is writing a series of amusing and informative articles about two or three-day trips that he’s made to English cities over the past few months. He takes photos and makes notes, hand-writes them into beautiful notebooks that will be forever a great memento and writes an article that will be made into a self-published travel book.

               Great ideas and what a good way to keep busy and motivated whilst stuck at home. But, conversely, I know of writers who are finding it difficult to get down to their writing. There’s the old adage If you want something done, give it to a busy person. And the opposite is that if you have all the time in the world, it is sometimes hard to get going!

               That’s particularly true if you have responsibility for other people – either youngsters or the elderly. They come first and writing has to take second place.

               I’ve found it easier if I set aside a particular time for my writing, and at the moment that is first thing in the morning, before the rest of the household is awake. If I’ve had a good night’s sleep, then I’m fresh and raring to go. I also find it helps to make a few notes the night before so I already know what I’m going to be writing about.  

               If you have a particular time or routine with your writing, do let me know.

Something I’m sure we’re all aware of in recent weeks is the number of wonderful characters that have come to the fore because of COVID 19. Captain Tom Moore has attracted more than £23 million in donations since he started doing laps of his garden. I bet he never dreamed he’d be number one in the pop charts with a song with Michael Ball!Eight year old

The one that had me in tears of admiration: 8-year-old Nahla Bartlett-Vanderpuye who makes protective visors for her local hospital on her home 3-D printer. If you put that in a novel, who would believe it!

Happy Writing!

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