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Linda’s Blog April 2020

A warm welcome to writers everywhere.

Welcome back to those who’ve been here before, and hello to those who’ve just found the site!

Many of us are having to stay at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, so I thought it might be a good time to revive my website, to give writers something to read, plus suggestions for prompts and exercises.

I will admit that part of my motivation came from that lovely lad Joe Wicks who’s running a free exercise class for children on YouTube in the mornings at 9am Monday to Friday: PE with Joe. I just about managed the three-minute warm-up before discovering he does a ten-minute workout for us oldies after the kids’ session, at 9.30am. Much more suitable! He’s even carried on despite breaking a bone in his hand, not exercising but a slight accident with his bike.

So, I shall try to put up a new post here every week, with a prompt or two and the occasional article about writing. And if you’d like to read about what I’m working on, do have a look on the This is Me page.

I’ve just been reading that many independent bookshops have closed, so too Waterstones and Foyles, although they are maintaining their online services, and W H Smith have closed 60 per cent of their shops. Amazon have stopped selling third-party books.

Perhaps now is the time for YOU to really get writing!

This could be a good time to:

  • Take stock of your writing: Why do you want to write? What do you want to write? What’s stopping you? Writing down the answers to those questions could help focus your mind on what is really important to you.
  • Have a look through your writing files (I have some going back to typewritten manuscripts!) Do you have unfinished short stories? Notes for a novel? Ideas for flash fiction? If you’re in the mood to get organised, you could sort them all out and decide which ones might be worth a new look.
  • Have a go at the prompts for this week. Click here.
  • Read my article on Writers and Libel here.

I plan to post every Monday; it would be great if YOU could join me. If you’d like notifications of new blogs, please fill in your e-mail address to the right and then press the Follow button.

Please do send me feedback, questions, ideas via Leave a Comment.

Happy Writing.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Writing!

  1. Great time to prompt to us back to writing, Linda. Looking for old stories and ideas fits very well with my sorting plans. With over fifty drawers and cupboards to explore I am sure I will find some possible masterpieces.


  2. Great to see your up and running again Linda. I am struggling to think of anything to be honest so am hoping for some motivation xx


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