June blog

Firstly, my apologies. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to add any more blogs or prompts, competitions, websites or articles in the next few months. My mother has recently been in hospital; she’s now home and she’s my number one priority. She is recovering but, she’s 95 and it’s a lot slower than on previous occasions.

I do get the occasional 15 or 20 minutes when I sit down at my computer but, as all you writers well know, it’s difficult to concentrate when you have other things on your mind and you are not able to devote consistent and regular time to your writing.

So I’m taking a break so I don’t have to worry about updating this website month by month. I do hope you understand.

At some time in the future, I hope and intend to return. I really enjoy researching and writing different topics for you. And I don’t think my interest in writing myself and teaching creative writing will ever go away. Just not now.

May I wish you all a very good summertime, whether we get beach weather like the photo above (provided by Diane Thornton on the Unsplash website) or our usual mixture of rain and sunshine during Wimbledon!

Thank you to those who already knew about my situation for your kind comments.

with best wishes


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