Happy holidays!

I was giving our oven its usual pre-Christmas clean – one of the messiest jobs I’ve ever come across. And I had a light-bulb moment. Nothing whatsoever to do with ovens or cleaning, but the answer to a pressing writing problem I’d had for weeks. I threw off the marigolds (remember them?) and dashed to my study to make a note of my Eureka moment. And then, once I’d done enough on the oven for one morning, I went back to my study, and, for the first time in many weeks, was able to carry on writing.Light-Bulb moment

I’d been mulling over this particular plot point for some time but had never come up with anything like a suitable answer. I knew where my heroine was going; I knew what would happen once she got there, but quite how she knew where to go had been preying on my mind. Why the answer should appear while I was oven cleaning, I have no idea! Maybe my mind was wandering as far as possible from the matter in hand!

I’ve had similar experiences before, several times whilst walking on lovely beaches, either in south-western Ireland or, more recently, up in Northumberland. Just a bit different from a greasy oven.

So, although I’m a big fan of sitting down and writing every day, I recognise that just sometimes, you DO need that vital flash of inspiration, wherever and whenever it comes from. But waiting for inspiration is NOT an excuse for not writing.

More to come in the New Year

I hope you’ll forgive me when I say I am not able to write any more this month, due to family commitments. I do have some new suggestions on the prompts page and there are competitions still open. In the New Year, I’ll come back to the subject of Censorship and the British Theatre which I promised last month. 

In the meantime, I hope you all have a really enjoyable holiday time.
with best wishes and Happy Writing.



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